Manage on-line the subscriptions for your Events for free (Soon also with online payments)


Soon also with online payments

This feature will be available soon

Your imagination is the limit of our platform

Some examples

Events of your organization, sports club, family or parent council...

Summer Rides
<p><font color="#212529">Remark: this is a "sample Event" - it is not real</font></p><h4><font color="#212529">Dear Moto enthusiast,</font></h4><p><font color="#212529">This year we organize a motorbike tour <strong>6 Saturdays</strong>, each in a different region, all in Belgium. Here you can register for one or more of these journeys.</font></p><p><font color="#212529">We ask to <strong>subscribe before the end of May</strong>. So that we can find a suitable place for lunch.</font></p><p><font color="#212529">Indicate the number of <strong>participating motorbikes</strong> in your group in the "<strong>number</strong>" for each of your choices</font></p><p><font color="#212529">We always <strong>leave in Leuven</strong>. Details will be forwarded by mail after registration.</font></p><p><font color="#212529">No advance payment, each pays his consumption during the ride.</font></p>
Motoclub “Motor-Ola”
Template Corona Event EN
<h2><strong>Online COVID-19 registration</strong></h2><p>Register your visit at this location here. Click on "continue with your subscription".</p><p>If you have already created an <strong>account </strong>with EVENTALIX and are logged in, your data will be filled in automatically.</p><p>If this is all new to you, please enter your details. You will receive an e-mail to confirm this. This is not necessary but it protects you against improper use of your e-mail address.</p><p>If you come here often, we recommend that you create an account. The process then proceeds faster and easier. You can log in with your Facebook or Google account, or create an e-mail account. Then you can easily follow all your subscriptions.</p>
Name of organisation (replace this text)
The Great Summer BBQ
<p>Remark: this is a "sample Event" - it is not real<font color="#212529"><br></font></p><h4><font color="#212529">Dear neighbour,</font></h4><p><font color="#212529">On July 21, 2021 we organize "The Great Summer BBQ" for our neighbourhood. Being together with the neighbours to get to know each other (even) better, and that with a drink and a snack.</font></p><p><font color="#212529">There are also the fixed values: bouncy castle, folk games, sun &amp; music ...</font></p><p><font color="#212529">Please <strong>reply before July 14</strong>, because then we will close the registration.</font></p><p><font color="#212529">How does this work:</font></p><p></p><ul><li><font color="#212529">Place your order for the BBQ: "<strong>small</strong>" (3 pieces) and "<strong>large</strong>" (5 pieces), veggie or not</font></li><li><font color="#212529">Come and join <strong>aperitifs </strong>from <strong>14.30</strong>, and join the BBQ</font></li><li><font color="#212529">Your drinks will be placed on your bill, at the end we will just pay</font></li></ul><p></p><p><font color="#212529">For fish and meat there is a <strong>choice </strong>of salmon, sausage, chicken, steak, beef and turkey skewer. We don't forget the vegetarians with grilled vegetables, halloumi skewer, seitan burger and spicy quorn sausage.</font></p><p><font color="#212529">Beverages are charged at the retail price.</font></p><p><font color="#212529">If you can't manage it online, let us know by e-mail (<em>GroZoBBQ@bilgicim.be</em> ) or by phone ... no problem, we take care of the administration!</font></p><p><font color="#212529">Thanks in advance,</font></p><p><font color="#212529">The Elderwood BBQ team</font></p>
Neighbourhood committee Elderwood


Simple and time saving

With the simple user interface you can create your on-line subscription form
Privacy compliant

EVENTALIX ensures data security of the personal data of the users

The platform is free for Events and online subscriptions


Our platform evolves quickly. We are pleased to keep you informed of all minor and major improvements.
Do you have an idea to improve EVENTALIX, let us know. We will be happy to read any message on our Facebook page or e-mail!

We've added a new extra service - taking orders at the table during your Event.
Do you organize restaurant days or a quiz or any other Event where you take orders at the table?
Well in Eventalix you can create items for an Event that are ordered "in advance" and also items that are ordered "during the Event"... like drinks or snacks or whatever.
This new extra service allows you to go to the table with a smartphone or tablet, "scan" the subscription form and place an order for these items. At the "bar" you can "call" the order and prepare it. The ordered items are automatically added to the subscription and therefore also to the bill. Pay at the cash register and hop...
If you want to know more, be sure to check our list of FAQ...
Oh yes, almost forgot... all for the soft launch price of 10€ per Event.

It's been a while since we released a "News". Well, we are still very active with the platform. This is a first release leading up to the long promised "Online Payments"!!

This new version of the platform contains a lot that you can't see yet. The entire preparation to offer the online payments has been processed... but is not yet available... first some testing. You can already read here and there how it all works...

The most important thing that is already in use is the payment of the extra services via Stripe.
Now it won't take that long.

In order to support you even better, we have made a number of adjustments. You will have extra options to adjust the subscription form:

If you work with dates, you can now decide whether the subscriber has to enter the number of people or not. Until now that was mandatory, now you have the choice.

For the items that can be ordered you have extra options for the maximums:
  • You will be given the choice whether the maximum applies to an item per time slot or to the entire event.
  • You can set a minimum and maximum number of items per order.
  • You can set whether at least one item must be indicated per subscription.

Have a try and be sure to give us your feedback!!