Frequently asked questions

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Conditions of use

Everyone can use the application for free, subject to some conditions.
  • EVENTALIX may only be used to support legal Events.
  • Illegal Events or Events with illegal activity will be deleted.
  • Events that go against the general rules of decency are removed.
  • Faults, interruptions or errors in EVENTALIX never give entitlement to compensation of any kind.
  • Any loss of data in EVENTALIX never gives entitlement to compensation of any kind.
For the full Terms and Conditions see:

Are my personal data stored?

EVENTALIX stores the personal data of the persons who create a profile. At any time you can ask to have your profile deleted. Whether this is possible depends on any obligations you have through subscriptions for running Events. If this is not the case, your profile can be removed. You will lose access to the Events for which you are registered as organizer or co-organizer and to any subscription you have placed.

For the full Data Privacy provisions see:


Anyone can use EVENTALIX freely to organize and manage an Event within the framework of the General Conditions.

You can easily log in to EVENTALIX with your Facebook or Google account. EVENTALIX does not use any information of your Facebook or Google Account.

Once you have registered and created your EVENTALIX account you can change this easily. When you are logged in, just click on your e-mail on the top right of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear and you can choose to logout or change your account.
To remove your account you must contact the EVENTALIX team (Contact us).

You can easily change your password in the following manner:

You are logged in:
  • Click on your e-mail address at the top right, and click on "Profile".
  • Below your profile information there is the "Change your password" section.
  • Enter your e-mail address, if not entered, and click on "Forgot password".
  • You will now receive an e-mail with a link to set a new password.
  • Now you can log in with your new password.

You are NOT logged in:
  • You are reading this FAQ, so you are on the website https://eventalix.org
  • Click on "Log in/Register" at the top right and enter your e-mail address under "Register or login by e-mail".
  • Now click on "Password forgotten" at the bottom of this window.
  • You will now receive an e-mail with a link to set a new password.
  • Now you can log in with your new password.

If it still doesn't work, contact the EVENTALIX team (via "Contact us").

EVENTALIX was developed by IsDaNIX BV.

As an organizer

This ensures there is a person organizing the Event.
EVENTALIX is meant to organize actual Events. it is therefore necessary that the organizer can be identified. It is of course also necessary to give you, as organizer, and your co-organizers, access to your Events in EVENTALIX and to be able to send you messages regarding the subscriptions for your Event.

It is an online internet application..., but you can still work without internet during your Event. You lose functionalities during the Event, such as "adding to a subscription" and "tracking of payments", which you then have to keep manually.

It is therefore useful to have internet during the Event. You can also easily obtain this via a smartphone.

Once a modification or an extra order has been saved, it is in the system, so should you lose your internet connection, you can only have a problem with the unsaved modifications or orders.

If you want to change something to your Event once the subscriptions have started, there are some limitations to what you can still change.
  • Once there is a subscription for an Event date, you can no longer change or delete it.
  • Once there is an order for a pre-order item, you can no longer change the price or description or delete the item.
You can still change everything else.
If you really have to... you must first delete the subscriptions and orders.

A subscriber who can't reach EVENTALIX can always send a subscription or order to the organizer by e-mail or by telephone.
The organizer then enters the subscription or order in EVENTALIX: in the Event dashboard you go to "Add subscription" and you, as the organizer, can enter the details for the subscription. If you add the subscriber's e-mail address here, he will receive the subscription by e-mail.
This way an organizer will always have a complete list of subscriptions and/or orders.

Once your Event has been created, you will see the link to the online subscription form and a QR code at the bottom left of the Event dashboard.
This link or QR-code can be used in an e-mail, on your website, a publication poster, on your Facebook page or other social media.

As an organizer, you have a handy overview at all stages of your Event.
  • When creating an Event, you can determine which items can be ordered before or during the Event.
  • During the Event, you can add additional orders and enter the payments.
  • During and after the Event you will always have a list of individual orders and the overview of the total order.

The subscription period allows you to close the subscriptions or orders for your Event in a timely manner. This gives you the time to prepare your Event or complete your orders.
During the subscription period, a subscriber can subscribe or change his subscription (if allowed).
After the subscription period, a subscriber can only consult his subscription.
By default the subscriptions are closed at the start of the last day of the Event.

You can do this with EVENTALIX. Online payments via "Stripe" are now available to everyone.
For more information you can take a look at our page "info about payments (link)".

You can always delete an Event from your overview.
This will remove you from the list of organizers.
When the last organizer is removed from the list, the Event will become permanently inaccessible.

This is included to respect the legislation on protection of minors.
You must state, in truth, that you are over 16 year old, or indicate a valid e-mail address of your guardian or parent.
E-mails will be sent to the guardian or parent to inform them on your use of this application.

On the Event Dashboard, search for the subscription you want to modify in the "overview subscriptions" or via the "find subscription" function and choose to go to the subscription dashboard.
In the subscription dashboard you choose "modify"... the subscription opens and you can modify what is needed.
The subscriber will receive a notification by e-mail that the organizer has made a "modification" to his subscription.

Has an incorrect payment been entered for a subscription? Did you press OK a little too quickly? No panic. The subscriber has already received the e-mail with the incorrectly entered payment, and once entered it cannot be adjusted, but it can be corrected in a simple way:
  • If you did not enter enough, submit another payment with the balance. The total will appear correctly.
  • If you entered too much, simply enter a refund and the total will appear correctly. In the refund pop-up, specify the reason and it will be documented.
For each of these actions, an email will be automatically sent to the subscriber if an email address has been provided.

If a person subscribes without an account then an e-mail address must be given and the minimum or extensive personal data to subscribe.
An entry placed in this way must always be confirmed by the tenderer. An e-mail will be sent automatically with a link to confirm. This is to ensure that the owner of the e-mail address has made the subscription.

The organizer will see in the subscription overview and in the subscription dashboard whether a subscription has been confirmed or not.

The organizer can send a reminder to unconfirmed subscriptions (click on the subscription and you can see the option or go to the subscription dashboard) or confirm the subscription yourself. The subscriber is automatically informed of these actions.

An Event is not always a single day. Sometimes it runs over a whole week or over several weeks, or sometimes for the same week with different groups of people, think of a youth camp with different age groups. Or you want subscriptions for several dates at the same time. Well then you can also use "orderable items" to book the subscriptions:
  • You do not specify Event date.
  • You make an "orderable item" per age group and/or per date.
  • You put a price and, if necessary, a maximum on it.
This way you can easily make subscriptions for a camp or yoga class.

Or you want subscriptions over several weeks with different groups, such as a course over 4 weeks, with 3 classes per week, each for a different course session, so, you can also solve it differently:
  • You enter the first day of the week as the Event date for the 4 weeks.
  • You impose a minimum and maximum of 1 person per subscription and possibly a maximum per Event date.
  • You make an "orderable item" per class.
  • You put a price on the item if this is necessary.
  • You explain how it works in the description.
It is a flexible system that can handle almost any situation with some thought.

There are several options for entering maximums:
  • Maximums for persons per Event date.
  • Minimums and maximums for persons per subscription.
  • Maximums for orderable items per Event or per Event date.
The maxima and minima for people are available as soon as you use an "Event date". The intended use for the maxima and minima is the following:
  • Max. persons per Event date: use for maximum number of places for the Event location.
    Subscriptions are limited to this number of persons per "Event date" that you enter.
  • Min. persons per subscription: use for the minimum number of persons in a single subscription, for example for the minimum size of a quiz team.
  • Max. persons per subscription: use for the maximum number of persons in a single subscription, for example for the maximum size of a quiz team.
You can specify the maximum for the orderable items per Event date, pre-orderable or during the Event, as soon as you add orderable items to your Event. It gives the maximum available number of items for this specific item, per Event or per Event date. You can use this as follows:
  • You can only handle 50 pieces of an item per date..., choose for a maximum per Event date.
  • You only have 50 pieces for all dates..., choose for a maximum per Event.
  • During your Event you notice that the stock is running out..., set a maximum.
  • If you have more items available: you can always raise the maximum.
  • If you have less available: you can decrease as long as you stay above the already ordered quantity.
Minima and maxima can be very useful.

When you create an Event you can create two types of "items": to be ordered "in advance" and "during the Event".
These items that can be ordered "during the Event" are intended for Events where your customers can only order the items in question "during" the Event. They can pay later at the till. A typical application is drinks or desserts during restaurant days.

EVENTALIX now has an "Extra Service" (link) that allows you to use a smartphone or tablet to go to the table and take the order, and to read and prepare the order at the "bar". How does it work?

You have created the items to be ordered "during the Event" in the Event, you have purchased the extra service and your co-workers, the "table waiters" and "bar waiters", have been made co-organizer of your Event. Everyone is logged in on the smartphone? Then we can start:
  • The subscriber has his "subscription form" at the table (on paper or on a smartphone)... it now has a QR code on it.
  • The table waiter comes to the table, opens the waiter-"table" module, scans the QR code, and selects "enter new order".
  • The list of items appears, the waiter chooses the quantities for the items, and clicks "proceed with the order".
  • Just enter the table in "delivery location" and then click "Confirm the order".
    Still a mistake, choose "Change the order". The customer changes his mind, then choose "Cancel the order".
There you go, the table waiter's job is (for now) done... now it's up to the bar waiter.
  • The bar-waiter has the waiter-"bar" module open, clicks "Refresh", and selects the top order (is the oldest).
  • He/She prepares the order and gives it to a waiter to deliver (with the table location).
  • Now just close with "Finished order" and the next order can be chosen...
  • You selected an order but you are not going to prepare it, then click "back" and it will return to the list.
  • Used the "browser button" to go back, no drama only you can select back the order you were in, it's yours.
The customer has placed his order and the subscription in EVENTALIX has been updated with the ordered items. When the customer comes to pay, his subscription is updated and you no longer have to enter anything manually.

As a subscriber

When you subscribe for an Event you do not "need" to create an account. You will still be asked to provide some personal data. It's the organizer who determines whether these are "limited" data (e-mail, name, zip code and country) or "complete" data (including your address).
This is to make yourself known to the organizer, but also to send you your subscription.

Do you still want to modify your subscription? Without an account you will have to ask the organizer. If you want to do it yourself, you will still have to create an account. Once you have an account, you can manage your subscription yourself within the subscription period.

When subscribing to an Event, you can indicate with how many people you will participate.
You can also make different subscriptions for the same Event (choose "New subscription" on your subscription dashboard), for example when you are subscribing for another person or group of persons.

During the subscription period, which is determined by the organizers, you can always change or remove the subscription or order, unless this is not authorised.

If you do not have an account, you can create an account or contact the organizer and ask to change or remove your subscription. To do this, you can go to the subscription dashboard via the link that you received in the e-mail with your subscription (the link is also in the PDF).

If you do have an account, you can look up your subscription in "my subscription" and modify it to your own preference, for as much as this is allowed.

Please note, after the closing of the subscription period, or whenever modification is not allowed, you can only view the subscription... you can no longer modify it. You use the same link for this.

This is included to respect the legislation on protection of minors.
You must state, in truth, that you are over 16 year old, or indicate a valid e-mail address of your guardian or parent.
E-mails will be sent to the guardian or parent to inform them that you use this application.


There is indeed a new heading in EVENTALIX... My Organizations... A word of explanation:

We have added the term "Organization" in EVENTALIX. This is necessary to access the online payment platform "Stripe" and allow an "organization" to create multiple Events using the same "Stripe account".

Suppose you want to create several Events for your Scouts or Chiro group, or football club or fitness business, all using the same Stripe account. Well, then you create an organization for it and create a Stripe account for this organization or link it to your already existing Stripe account.

Any person you specify in the organization as "administrator" or "organizer" can now create an Event, link it to the organization, and use online payments through Stripe. The income is transferred to the specified account via Stripe and in EVENTALIX we automatically keep track of the income per Event (no more entering manual payments for payments made through Stripe).

The billing data is the data that EVENTALIX will use to create an invoice for your organization. These are necessary if you would order an "extra service" and also if you would use online payments via Stripe. EVENTALIX will send you an invoice for the deduction from the Stripe payments, and for that we need the billing information.

Please note, if you create a Stripe account, you must also enter data that Stripe will use for invoicing. The data you provide for your organization in Stripe should best match the data you provide in EVENTALIX.

If you have created the organization, you are already "administrator" and "organizer". The employees specified in the organization are all authorised to use the "organization" and to create Events under that organization.

"Administrators" are a category of employees who adjust the data of the organization in EVENTALIX. You only give this to people who also play a role of administrator in the organization. If you are in a somewhat larger organization it might be best to specify one or two other "administrators".
"Organizers", that is the category of persons you allow to create an Event under the organization and thus use the "Stripe Account" to use online payments for the Event. They are not allowed to modify or view the organization's data.

Attention!! It is not because you have made someone "administrator" in EVENTALIX that that person will also have access to the Stripe account. If this is necessary, you must specify that person as a member of your team in the "Stripe Account".
To grant a person access to the Stripe account, you need to add him/her in the settings of your account: "Settings" (the cogwheel) at the top right, "Company settings", "Team and security", "Team". .. and there you can add other people who have access to the Stripe account.

You have created your organization, now you can link a Stripe account to the organization.

In the organization's "organization dashboard" you will see "payment settings". Here you can link a "Stripe account" to the organization. For the time being, you still have to "request" to be able to link a Stripe account... contact us, and if possible you will receive a message from us. As soon as you get a message, you'll see a button that takes you straight to Stripe. You enter an email here and from there you can continue with their instruction. If you already have a Stripe account linked to your e-mail address, you can easily continue with your existing Stripe account and link it to the organization. Now that this is all behind you, you can continue with Events with online payments.

Be sure to read the information about online payments on our page "info about payments (link)".

If you want to delete your organization. There are some consequences and not everything is possible.

In the overview of your organizations and on the dashboard of the organization there is a "trash can" button to delete the organization. If you click on this and confirm the decision, the organization will no longer be found in your overview. If there are other administrators in the list of employees, they still have access. They can just carry on. If you are the last administrator, the organization can no longer be modified and is no longer available.

Attention: Deleting the "organization" has no impact on your Stripe account, it will continue to exist. If you want to get rid of the Stripe account, you have to go to your Stripe account and delete the account there.