EVENTALIX - a free platform with paid "extra services"

The EVENTALIX platform consists of a free basic platform and paying extra services that you can purchase when your Event is created. Below you will find more information about the free version and the paying extra services.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

EVENTALIX - the free basic platform

The basic platform "EVENTALIX" is a free online platform and already provides a whole range of functionalities for creating and managing an Event, including:

  • Creating an Event with options for dates and items to be ordered
  • Personalization of the online subscription form
  • Overview of subscriptions with export option of basic data
  • Specify co-organizers who can follow up the Event and the subscriptions
  • Notification e-mails for a subscription, a change or deletion of a subscription
  • Various options to request data via the online subscription form
Using EVENTALIX to subscribe for your Event is always free for your customers.

For more details about the free version, click on "more info"

Paying extra services per Event

In addition to the free platform, we now also offer "extra services". Here you will find the description of the paying extra services that you can activate separately per Event. The extra services are paid and are only activated after payment.
The extra services are not transferable to other Events.

How does this work?

  • You create your Event - this is for free - and you will be taken to the Event Dashboard
  • On the Event Dashboard you have a list of the extra services you can activate
  • You click on "activate" at the extra service you want to activate
  • You will get a pop-up to enter your details. After activating your first extra service this is pre-filled
  • Fill in your details and press "order"
  • You will be sent an order form by e-mail, along with payment details and order reference
  • As soon as we have received your payment, we activate the extra service and you will receive your invoice

View and export the Orders detailed list

You will see an extra screen with an overview of the people who have subscribed for your Event, together with the date of subscription, the surname and first name, the address, the telephone number (if you have requested this), the e-mail address, the selected time slot and all items ordered. This can be useful if you need to track the attendance of visitors at your Event or if you want to further process the subscription data.
You can also print or export this data to Excel, CSV or PDF.

Price : 4.00 EUR

The waiter service - Take orders at the table and add the items to the subscription

During the Event, table waiters can use their phones to take orders from customers by scanning their subscription and then selecting the Event-orderable items and adding them to the subscription.
At the bar or in the kitchen you will be notified of the newly ordered items, and the order can be prepared. Once ready for delivery, a table waiter can bring the items, the waiter at the bar confirms the order and it is added to the entry.
Ideal when you organize e.g. an Event where you serve drinks at the tables

Price : 10.00 EUR

Choose your own image as background for the subscription form

Do you want subscribers to see your chosen image as background on the online subscription form?
Well, with this extra service you can upload your preferred image, and it will be displayed as the background image on the subscription form.
Attention: On a smartphone this is only visible to a limited extent because the form uses the screen to maximum extent.
Attention: You must use an "image format" such as JPG, GIF, SVG, BMP, TIF ..., not a PDF or DOC file, and you can't exceed the 10MB size limit.

Price : 5.00 EUR

QR code payments - Allow customers to pay with their banking app by scanning a QR code.

Useful for payments that are not made "online". A QR code is automatically created for each subscription, and he subscriber can scan it with his banking app to make the payment.
This means he no longer has to retype anything to make the payment. And the correct reference is always used.
You can find the QR code in the subscription dashboard and via the list of subscriptions, when you click on a subscription, "Payment QR code" will appear in the list of possible actions.
You can do this during the Event at the cash register or the subscriber can call this up at home in his subscription dashboard and then scan it with the banking app and pay.

Price : 10.00 EUR

Online Payments

You will be given the option to activate online payments. The subscriber for your Event can then pay online and with automatic update in the Event of the payments received.

Cost depends on payment method (see "is it for free?")