Information about payments on the EVENTALIX platform

The EVENTALIX platform offers options to follow up payments for your Events automatically or manually.
Below you will find information and the most frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

General questions about payment management

Payment management in two ways in EVENTALIX: Automatic or Manual.

  • Or you use the option to use online payments. Then the management of payments is done automatically.
  • Or you can ask your subscribers to pay on site pay or by bank transfer to an IBAN number that you provide. You have to manually manage those payments in EVENTALIX .

If you want you can combine the two... more information below

Using online payments does of course give you some advantages in managing your Event.

  • A subscriber goes through a payment page to place a valid subscription or order.
  • Payment management is done automatically on EVENTALIX, even if you work with restrictions on the number of items or people... payment valid, money in, subscription confirmed.

In addition to the up-to-date payment information in EVENTALIX, you receive the settlements via Stripe with all the details of the payments and the invoices... yes, there are costs... look below for more information.

Manual payment management has always been possible, will remain possible, and will remain free.

If you choose not to work with online payments, because of the costs or because it is not necessary, you can still collect payments on the spot or by bank transfer and register them manually in EVENTALIX.

You will still get a complete overview of all registered payments... except, you have to enter the payments yourself, manually.

It is definitely possible.

What you should take into account is that only the online payments will appear automatically in the overview. You, as organizer, must enter any payment, received by bank transfer or on the spot, in the system.

Automatic management - online payments via Stripe

One of the advantages of an online platform is that you can work with online payments. The payments are processed automatically and are regularly transferred to your bank account.

At EVENTALIX we work with "Stripe (link)". It is one of the larger payment platforms in the world. Stripe is a "third-party" payment solution that allows you to accept credit and debit cards for payments for your Event.

To use online payments for your Event, you must first open a so-called "Stripe account". This is a kind of account at Stripe to which the payments are made as intermediate step. Your Stripe account will be linked to the EVENTALIX account, and the online payments will go directly to your organization's Stripe account.

EVENTALIX then uses Stripe's payment information to automatically update the status of the subscriptions of your Event, so you can simply follow up on subscriptions and payments on EVENTALIX. Of course, you always have access to your own Stripe account for a complete and detailed overview.

And the money?... You set up on your Stripe account how the money is transferred to your bank account.

The online payments go through Stripe. They observe the strictest conditions with regard to safety in this sector. After creating your Event, or via "My organizations", you create a Stripe account for the organization via the link to the "Stripe onboarding". Here you will need to identify the organization with Stripe so that Stripe can authorize payments to your organization.

Once the Event has started, the payments from subscribers are made with a credit card (like Mastercard or Visa) or a debit card (like your bank card), via the Stripe platform. Stripe then deposits the money into your bank account.

The Stripe pages and are managed and secured by Stripe. EVENTALIX only uses payment information to keep the Event and the payment status of the subscriptions up-to-date. Safe as can be...

Should you want more information about Stripe, you can visit the Stripe website (link: https://stripe.com/en-be/connect) to check out what this is, who else is using it, how platforms like EVENTALIX can implement it. It's in English...

Online payments are unfortunately not for free... As an organization you pay a fee for it.

Stripe charges a fee for the payment service and EVENTALIX charges a fee for the automatic processing of the payment details in the management of your Event. It helps us, along with the "extra services" we offer, to keep the otherwise free basic platform of EVENTALIX alive.

The fee is charged per payment made by a subscriber via the Stripe platform. For each payment made online, a small amount of the payment is taken as a fee, consisting of two parts:

  • Stripe fee: depends on the payment method used... such as:
    • European payment card: (fixed) EUR 0.25 per transaction +(variable) 1.5% on the amount.
    • Bancontact payment card: (fixed) EUR 0.35 per transaction.
    • Check Stripe's current rates: https://stripe.com/en-be/pricing
  • EVENTALIX fee: (fixed) EUR 0.10 per transaction + 1.0% (variable) on the amount.

A "stripe account" is always linked to an "organization". The starting point is therefore to create an organization, and then you can continue to link this organization to Stripe. Once your organization has a Stripe account, you can let the Events linked to your organization use online payments.

OK... you already have an EVENTALIX account. Well, first you log in...

Logged in? Then we can start:

  • My organizations button at the top - you get the overview of all your organizations;
  • Choose the organization you want to link a Stripe account to or create one;
  • The Organization Dashboard is now open. You will be able to do everything here if you are an administrator of the organization... if you are not, you will only get the message clicking on most buttons that you do not have the correct permissions for this organization. An administrator has already made you an "organizer" for this organization... but you can't edit information of the organization;
  • Payment Details: This is where you need to be to link a Stripe account;
  • You open the page and see the link to the Stripe onboarding page. Here it begins...

More information below in the Stripe onboarding

From now on you enter the world of Stripe... we send you directly to the Stripe onboarding page. From here on you must enter information to be accepted by Stripe.

EVENTALIX works with Stripe's Standard Connect model. Your Stripe account will be linked to the EVENTALIX Stripe account. You get a "linked" account.
FYI: This allows us to receive payment information for the Event and use it to track the payment status for the different subscriptions. This way you will automatically see in EVENTALIX when a subscription has been paid on your Stripe account. Back to Stripe...

Stripe asks to give information about the organization, its activities, bank account... and "administrator". The latter is an authorized person of the organization... if you are not that yourself, you must ask an "authorized" person within the organization to create the Stripe account, because this is rather serious. Stripe is bound by European law and must check whether you are allowed to set it up. Don't panic though, you won't get state security at your door, but it's necessary to honestly provide the data they ask for.

Once your Stripe account is created, Stripe will investigate and then allow you to use online payments via the Stripe platform. If you create an Event with online payments, the subscribers for your Event will be redirected to the Stripe page upon completing their subscription to make their payment. Great, isn't it?

You can of course still change the details of your Stripe account afterwards via your own access to your Stripe account. If you already have a Stripe account, you can easily reuse this account and link it to EVENTALIX.

It will happen. The customer has completed the subscription and made an online payment via Stripe... and then comes "the modification... ". There was an error, or there is one more or less, or the subscription is canceled. How is this addressed?

The subscriber has made an adjustment and must pay extra... No problem, just like with his initial subscription, this will be handled via an online payment via Stripe, and the data will be adjusted in your Event.

Conversely, if the adjustment results in a lower amount to be paid, then a refund must be made. This requires the organizer to take action and issue a refund. How do you do that? Well, simple:

  • Know: Not only will the organizer receive an e-mail that there has been a change, there will also be an e-mail stating that a refund must be made. In addition, the overview of subscriptions clearly indicates that a refund must be made.
  • Do: Click on the subscription line with a refund and the drop-down menu will say refund. Just choose, the rest will take care of itself.
  • Costs: Nothing. There are no charges for a refund.

Manual management - other payments

Instead of opting for online payments, you choose whether or not to provide an account number to the subscribers. If you specify this, it will appear, as before, on the subscription form and in the messages and e-mail to your subscribers.

The subscriber will then pay via a transfer and you can check whether the amount has been transferred correctly or not when checking that account. You can then register the payment for the subscription on the EVENTALIX platform. The subscriber will be informed of this by e-mail and you can follow the status of your Event in your Event statistics. Easy enough, but manual...

You enter the IBAN number of your organization's account via the "payment settings" in "My organizations". You indicate in the Event dashboard whether this account number should be indicated on the subscription form. The account number is shown after confirmation of a subscription and can be found on the subscription confirmation.

For the sake of completeness... if you use "payments on site", you can also register those payments...

When a subscriber has made a payment by bank transfer or on the spot, you can easily register the payment in the EVENTALIX application.

Via the list of subscriptions in the Event dashboard or in the subscription dashboard you can easily indicate whether part or full payment has been made. This way you always have a correct overview of the payments.

Even if you do not use online payments or, in addition to online, also use manual payments in your Event, refunds may need to be processed to become. This has also been processed in a clear manner. Just like payments, you can also register refunds manually.

If the subscriber had already paid by transfer and this had already been registered in the Event, you will receive a neat indication in the overview of subscriptions that refunds must be made.

  • Know: Not only will the organizer receive an e-mail that there has been a change, there will also be an e-mail stating that a refund must be made. In addition, the overview of subscriptions clearly indicates that a refund must be made.
  • Do: Click on the subscription line with a refund and the drop-down menu will say refund. Just choose, the rest will take care of itself. Don't forget to make the actual refund yourself.

If you have taken the Extra service - QR code payments, you receive a QR code for each subscription so the payment can be made with the clients banking app. The payment will be easier for the customer and you can be sure that the correct reference and amount will be used.

Please note, it remains a "manual payment". The payment is not automatically registered in your Event in Eventalix. You must enter this manually in the Event.

Would you like to offer subscribers the option to choose payment via the online solution, or on site or via bank transfer?... This is possible... the payments made online will be automatically converted to a "paid" status and you will have to register the other payments manually.

How to proceed when creating your Event:

  • in the Event, the organizer chooses to allow both payment methods "automatic - manual";
  • the subscriber chooses how to pay "online" or not:
    • online - redirected to the payment page;
    • not online - then the subscription must be confirmed via the link in the e-mail;
  • EVENTALIX registers online payments, the subscriber receives an e-mail with payment confirmation;
  • You, as the organizer, manually register the other payments and the subscriber receives an e-mail with payment confirmation;
  • The subscriber can modify the subscription and therefore also his choice for payment...

This way you can work with a mixed system.